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ASPB Call for Council Nominations 2019

Open January 4, 2019
Nomination Deadline: Wednesday February 13, 2019 (11:59 p.m. ET)
Please nominate individuals whom you feel are well suited to serve the Society as president-elect, and elected member of the council.

Listed below for your reference are the officers serving now on the 2018-2019 Council
American Society of Plant Biologists

  • President: Rob Last
  • President-Elect: Judy Callis
  • Past President: Harry Klee
  • Secretary: Andrew Bent
  • Treasurer: Rick Vierstra
  • Chair, Board of Trustees: Rick Vierstra
  • Chair, Publications Committee: Neil E. Olszewski
  • Chair, Women in Plant Biology Committee: Laura Wayne
  • Chair, Minority Affairs Committee: Gustavo MacIntosh
  • Chair, Education Committee: Sarah Wyatt
  • Chair, International Committee: Anja Geitman
  • Chair, Membership Committee: Jill Deikman
  • Chair, Science Policy Committee: Nathan Springer
  • Elected Member: Maureen McCann
  • Elected Member: Christine Foyer
  • Northeastern Section Representative: Carolyn Lee-Parsons
  • Western Section Representative: Kulvinder Gill
  • Mid-western Section Representative: Gustavo MacIntosh
  • Mid-Atlantic Section Representative: Hua Lu
  • Environmental and Ecological Plant Physiology Section Representative: Andy VanLoocke
  • Primarily Undergraduate Institution Representative: LeeAnn Thornton

For Assistance, Please Contact:

Sylvia Lee
American Society of Plant Biologists
Executive and Governance Affairs Administrator
15501 Monona Drive
Rockville, MD 20855
Phone: 301-296-0898
Fax: 301-279-2996